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The Adventures of Powerhouse E-Novellas

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Powerhouse Flies Again

Dave Johnson is a has-been superhero. Losing his powers forced him to retire from being Powerhouse, but Seattle still fondly remembers him and continues to lift him up as a symbol of hope.

Trans-dimensional aliens hire Mitch Farrow as the new CEO of Dorado Incorporated and instruct him to create cynicism to reduce humans' resistance to their planned invasion. The aliens promise their reign will end all suffering on Earth and cure his ex-wife and daughter of AIDS. Seeing Powerhouse’s squeaky clean image as a threat, Farrow attacks Powerhouse’s character and effectiveness in the media.

The alien, international superhero Zolgron finally realizes Dave wants to return to crime-fighting and restores Dave’s powers. Dave is determined to make a lasting difference for the people of Seattle, but to do so he’ll need the community’s help.

Powerhouse Flies Again offers laughs, adventure, and a new villain in this first installment of the Adventures of Powerhouse novellas. Buy it for your Kindle.

Rise of the Robolawyers


As Powerhouse, Dave Johnson has defeated intergalactic zookeepers and terrorists bent on igniting a nuclear war, but his gravest threat yet is legal annihlation. The cynical Dorado Industries CEO Mitch Farrow hires an attorney to file frivolous lawsuits against him.

Powerhouse’s wife Naomi protects him by incorporating and issuing policies that keep him out of court but reduce him to being a one-man neighborhood watch. Meanwhile she searches desperately for an insurance company willing to give him a liability policy.

The Johnson’s chef, the super-powered alien Zolgron, vows to rid Earth of its greatest plague: lawyers. He recreates his planet’s robotic lawyers but sells the designs to Dorado Incorporated, unwittingly giving them the technology they need to destroy Powerhouse.

Rise of the Robolawyers features thrills, mystery, and comedy aplenty. Also meet the World War II superhero Major Speed as villains teleport him into 2012 in this exciting second installment of the Adventures of Powerhouse novellas. Buy it for your Kindle.






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Light at the Edge of Darkness: an Anthology of Biblical Speculative Fiction

Edited by Cynthia MacKinnon

This Lost Genre Guild anthology features: "Frozen Generation" by Andrea Graham, "Chosen of God" by Andrea and Adam Graham, and "Average Ordinary Alien" and "The Agent" by Adam Graham

When forced to the edge of darkness, theres only one way back: embrace the Light.

. . . venture to futures where religious "terrorists" smuggle frozen embryos to save lives and resist technologies designed to break their souls;

. . . explore dying alien worlds scouring the galaxies for hope;

 . . . get abducted and discover the universe's secrets

Follow these tales and more to the edge of darkness, to the brink of despair, and bask in the Saviors redeeming Light.

(April 2, 2007, The Writers Cafe Press.) 

Buy Light at the Edge of Darkness for $14.95 (new)

The Screwtape Reports

Satire By Adam Graham

To get re-elected and to raise money to get re-elected.--Dave Screwtape on the greatest priorities of incoming members of Congress.

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From the mind of Conservative Political Columnist Adam Graham comes Dave Screwtape, sage Democratic Political Consultant. Screwtape's job is to help Democrats win elections. Sometimes Conservatives make his job difficult, and sometimes they make it too easy.

In 32 reports full of honesty and wit, you'll learn the truth about American politics and Democratic Party strategy in this 21st Century take-off on C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters. Screwtape discusses topics ranging from why the color of yard signs matters to homeschooling and gay marriage.

If you buy one political satire book this year inspired by the works of C.S. Lewis, make it this one!

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83 pages, 8.5" x 11"
© 2005 Copyright by Adam Graham
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