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 A truly original premise, Tales of a Dim Knight is a light-hearted escape into the world of superheroes and villains with a thoughtful twist as to what matters most in life.                     Jill Williamson, award-winning author of By Darkness Hid 

What's in a name? The Dim Knight should be brighter than the Dark Knight, right? You be the judge, and learn why Adam is a Graham cracker! A fun, fun read!  
Frank Creed, award-winning author of Flashpoint

No comic book was ever this well written, or this carefully plotted, or gave the reader such poignant moments of introspection between the laughs and the adventure. It's a great romp through the world of baddies with Superhero Powerhouse, but mild mannered janitor Dave Johnson has to live in the real world, too. And as much as he loves his wife and son his conflict between the everyday world and the Powerhouse world is intensified by the fact that he's fighting to save the real world for his family. But how much will it mean to save the world if he loses his own marriage? Dave Johnson is definitely a superhero with a difference. As is this book.         — Donna Fletcher Crow, award-winning author of Glastonbury

Enter mobsters, enter supervillains with logos of their names on their equipment, enter a space zoo that kidnaps him as a hero, enter a superhero team-up across the continent that one cannot soon forget, add the tension of this hero’s failing marriage, and you’ve got a story that you need to read to the very end. . . . “Tales of the Dim Knight” by Adam and Andrea Graham is a book that you should read if for nothing else than to see how Elvis Presley fits into all of this.  All in all, no matter what age you are, this is a good story for all. If a child is of reading age, I don’t see a problem with this story.                                               
From Captain America to TMNT, almost every superhero I've ever heard of is paid some homage in this adventure. I sat down to read this book one cold day in December and practically couldn't put it down. My family wondered what I was giggling about. It's just because the superhero lover in me was taking out baddies along with Dave. . . . All in all, I found Tales of the Dim Knight to be a well-written fast-paced action adventure with a timeless message worth reading.
Chris Solaas
Pull on your tights and hang that cape around your neck, we’re going for a ride. What kind of ride, you ask? A superhero spoof ride, a dysfunctional family ride, a marital struggle ride. A ride into redemption. . . . If you like spoofs of superheroes, with a story of redemption against the evil Dave faces not only on the streets of the city, but also in his family and within himself, then this is the book for you
Fun from cover to cover
This is not your typical superhero- supervillain book. Dave Johnson, alter ego Powerhouse, uses his powers against evil. But at what price? A page turner, 'Tales of the Dim Knight' doesn't rely solely on action to keep the reader's interest. Personal intrigue, romance, with stakes as high as nuclear explosions in America, this book kept me on my toes from the beginning. Peter L
A Great Book that'll capture your heart & keep you reading.
I am by no means a book reader. I can't explain this book with big words and fancy comments, but I can say, this book captured my attention. It was an early christmas present, and I must say I read the first page expecting to hate it, and I very quickly became attached to the characters. I, being a wife & mother, sided with Dave's wife right away, but the book is an exciting read. It will capture your attention and keep you entertained. Even those who aren't book readers or the sharpest tool in the box like me. Carrie Nowicki

Dim Knight Shines

Enjoy a good superhero story? How about a naïve, poignant, and funny superhero? Adam and Andrea Graham have artfully combined these elements in their Tales of the Dim Knight. 

When mild mannered janitor, Dave Johnson, a twelve year old in a man's body, receives superpowers from an alien with an attitude, it's his life's dream come true. Dave dips his toes into the world of crime fighting and finds it isn't always easy or appreciated being a superhero. Along the way, the Dim Knight learns some serious life lessons about family, home, and values. 

Tales of the Dim Knight is a fun read. I highly recommended it for a healthy dose of holiday cheer. 
Virginia Tenery Herrin 

"Hillarious" Bill Tillman

Clueless superhero fanboy Dave Johnson, a janitor for the FBI, finds himself paired with an alien fashion accessory. It's actually a shape-changing alien named Zolgron. (His mother dressed him funny, too.) Zolgron is being punished for being a cosmic jerk, with the result that he must help out whoever he becomes attached to. He confers numerous super powers on Dave, who becomes even more immersed in superhero fantasies and real-world implications, including increased family and marital problems. Since Dave has a poor learning curve anyway, there's a lot of comical flailing about as he tries to gain legal standing as a superhero, find some crime to fight, and stay married to a woman who thinks he's gone from mildly delusional to full-bore looney.

Will Dave grow up? Will Zolgron finally get out of Purgatory? Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? Okay, you're on your own for the last one, but for the first two, read the book and find out! Steve Rice (Author of League of Superheroes)

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Reviews of Light at the Edge of Darkness: 

From Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

"Your Average Ordinary Alien" by Adam Graham made me laugh out loud. Andrea Graham provided thoughtful depth in "Frozen Generation."

From Karina Fabian, Virtual Book Tour de 'Net 
"Your Average Ordinary Alien" by Adam Graham: Another chuckler. I love the idea of a hard core SF fan being abducted by aliens and finding out they aren't so different from us after all. Kirk Skywalker (he changed his name) summed it up best: "I finally get to meet an alien and he tells me that you're just flying green WASPs."

From Karri Compton,Reviewer, Fiction Fanatics Only

Variety married with solid writing makes this a keeper . . . . Travel . . . inside an alien spaceship in "Your Average Ordinary Alien." 
... Andrea Graham's "Frozen Generation" explores the possibility of technology bringing frozen fetuses to term artificially, resulting in humans being used for spare parts. One woman tries to save as many babies as possible by smuggling them away and saving them from an uncertain future. 

From Grace Bridges, Author of Faith Awakening:

It's so hard to pick out the best among so many magnificent tales, but I have to say my [second favorite is] "Your Average Ordinary Alien" by Adam Graham, where an abduction scenario isn't quite like one sci-fi fan imagined it would be.

"It is a wonderful thing to be sure of one's calling as Adam is! That's terrific. You seem to be fully utilizing all the resources available to you, too, Adam. Good for you! God has given you wisdom at a young age--you will only grow in wisdom and knowledge." 

--ChrisD of Write and Whine

Also from Chris, commenting on our Lost Genre Guild Interviews (see media section for links): 

"That is quite an interview--you always know where you stand with Andrea! I like the attitude [she has] of being salt and light in that particular genre, where salt and light seem to be scarce. I also like the fact that Andrea and her husband work so closely together. That's lovely."

I applaud your political acumen, Adam. I've just never been able to wade in like you have, aside from showing up to vote. That's a marvelous gift though, and added to your writing talents, you are definitely taking a stand for Christ. I commend you! Insightful interview! You and Andrea make a great team. 

--Deborah Cullins Smith, Lost Genre Guild Team Member, referencing a post on that blog.

"Andrea's Biblical speculative fiction is all-pro. She and I critiqued each other's contributions to the Light at the Edge of Darkness anthology, and my pieces are stronger because of her. This woman knows how to write."

--Frank Creed, Author.

“Andrea is a writer who has the talent to bring her imagination to life through an amazing fictional tale, but yet also is able to pull in all the facts to create an accurate non-fictional article that speaks the truth.”

--Chad Lavender of the Rise Up Alliance, November 27, 2006

“Andrea has consistently proven herself to be a knowledgeable and talented writer of Biblical speculative fiction.She is goal-oriented and holds high expectations for herself but at the same time is a very creative writer who is confident pushing the boundaries of traditional-accepted Christian fiction.”

--Cynthia MacKinnon, Editor-in-Chief of the Writer's Cafe Press, November 21, 2006