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David James interviewed Powerhouse, Emerald Avenger, and Dave Johnson.

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Noah Arsenault (Review) and (Interview)

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Recent Interviews, book signings, and other items of note

Adam had a fun interview here. Words are based on a true story sort of.

Watch our book trailer on Youtube.

Operation Encourage an Author featured Adam and Andrea.

Kippoe interviewed Adam on Closing my Eyes Helps me to see Clearly.

Roseanna White chatted with Adam on her blog.

New book trailer available on Youtube.

Adam and Andrea Graham were among the 75 authors signing and shipping the books you order from Cross Purpose Books. Note the event ended 12/07/10, but you still are able to purchase an autographed copy of Tales of the Dim Knight at right thereafter. Dim Knight makes an excellent Christmas gift for anyone who enjoys comedies and/or superheroes.

Interview with Lena Dooley on 11/24/2010

Interview with K. Bird Dawn on 11/22/2010

Interview up at A Pen for Your Thoughts: Shirley asks the readers: how do you think co-authoring with another would test your skills at conflict management and the strength of your relationship with the person? To chime in (and win a copy of Dim Knight) October 23 at 7:12pm

We chatted with Janalyn Voigt in an interview about Dim Knight: Book Readers Central: Meet and Greet Monday: Adam and Andrea Graham September 13 at 6:46pm

Powerhouse now has a superpowered Twitter account. Powerhouse (dimknight) on Twitter. This is the Twitter account for Tales of the Dim Knight, coming 11/22 from Splashdown Books. September 12 at 7:42pm

Would Tales of the Dim Knight Be A Good Book for My Kids?